About Ren1

REN 1 is a growing group of business professionals from many different professions who meet every other week to network, build relationships, and share referrals. We hold our networking meetings in a relaxed, fun, group setting to learn from each other, get to know each other’s skills and desired clientele, and ultimately help to grow each other’s business. We are a Referral Exchange Network(REN) networking group of the Neponset River Regional Chamber of Commerce in Norwood, MA.

We would love to invite you to be our guest or for consideration as a member if your profession does not conflict with an existing member(members cannot compete with one other for referrals).

Information on membership can be obtained by contacting our membership growth liaison, Tom Flaherty, (781) 963-5858, or REN 1 President, Zach Patten, at 617-910-2580.

You can also peruse our member list here.

We are not a BNI or Alliance group but rather a networking group of the Chamber of Commerce in Norwood, MA